A First Attempt at a Free Motion Art Picture

A while ago I reviewed a lovely book by Abigail Mill in which she describes how to go about making your very own free motion, appliqued art pictures, see here. I had been looking for an opportunity to try one myself when just before Christmas I took a free motion machine class with Ruth Bennett  which I found helped with the technical side of things. How to get the machine settings just right and more importantly it gave me guided practice before attempting a picture of my own.

So this was the result I thought I would share with you. It started with the image which I had in mind. Then I built up the picture with shapes of fabric to make the Aga. I dabbed a little fabric glue on the pieces to hold them in place before starting the free motion machining on top of it. A bit wobbly in places, but I do like the naive effect that free motion gives.


First attempt at Free Motion Pictures

First attempt at Free Motion Pictures


There is a second book that I’ve found, which has a French theme and once again has some inspiring work. Not free motion machining, but  it is has examples of appliqued art with embroidery. I am in the middle of reviewing this for you, so check back soon, it’s adorable. Here is a taster:


French Embroidery Book 005




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