Sewing Can be a Way of life

The original ‘sewing room’ where it all started also doubled as the dining room and my office took over part of the bedroom, but it worked for me. Dashing between the two helped to keep me fit I suppose.

This is me Sharon (with longer hair then).

                       Mice Quilt Photos 004

I have two home helpers when I am working there. This is Caffrey, who loves to get involved. He follows me around but often falls asleep on the job.

???????????????????????????????                  Caffrey

Truffle is a quilter in the making. She watches everything so closely, I’m sure she must know how to sew by now. Unless it’s the mice on the quilt she’s after?


For the past 2-3 years I have been spending time with some like minded friends, when we disappear into some log cabins in the woods for a weekend to get on with some serious sewing (and walking). I recommend it to everyone, it feels very indulgent, stopping at every quilt shop on the way, eating good (homemade) food and lots of cake of course. It just has to be done. It was a mild autumn this year (2015), mild enough to sit and sew outside, hence this picture.

Go on try it yourself? Get the sewing machine in the car and try something new.


Sewing in the Woods

Sharon Robins BSc (Hons) PGCE (Teacher and owner at the Sewing Room)