Autumn ‘Drop in Day’ News

In September – There’s an Extra Drop in Day

I’m having a second ‘drop-in-day’ this month on Saturday 19th September, as well as the usual one, which is the last Saturday in the month (26th September). The room will be open both days from 9 – 3pm. Join us to do your own thing. Come and work on your unfinished projects, or bring your knitting. I don’t mind.

What is a ‘Drop-in-day’? See here

The October Drop in Day is Earlier

The Sewing Room is closed on Saturday October 31st, therefore the ‘drop-in-day’ will be held the week before instead on Saturday 24th October (9-3pm). There’s always a cuppa on the go.



Sit and Sew


November – Drop in Day

This will be the usual end of month, on Saturday 28th November (9-3pm).


December – No Drop-In-Day

Enjoy your Christmas sewing in front of the TV, because that’s where I will be.

Be Warm and Cosy This Christmas

Be Warm and Cosy This Christmas



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