Book Review – Applique Art by Abigail Mill

Appliqué Art

Freehand Machine-Embroidered Pictures


Abigail Mill

(Word Press 2014)

A Mill Book


I was thrilled to receive for my birthday this year a brand new book, by a new author Abigail Mill.

If like me, you love the charm of mixing embroidery with appliqué, then this is a beautiful book to have in your collection. The appliquéd projects are exquisite, using fabric layers and trimmings to produce lovely works of art.

In the book Abigail gives an insight into the techniques she uses to create her pictures. Covering where to find inspiration, how to over-dye cotton fabric and embroidering with the sewing machine, (with no straight lines required). It is quite liberating to think that such lovely work can result from leaving frayed edges and not having to be perfect.

There are five projects to inspire you, laid out with step-by-step instructions and clear photographs. With information on tools and materials, the book is however more for the experienced sewer, as hand and machine skills are required.  Especially when it comes to writing out words with the machine. This may need a little practice first, even by the more experienced machinist, but the emphasis again is that it doesn’t need to be perfect and if you want to you could always hand embroider any lettering.

I will be using the book myself, not to make one of the projects given (as I never do), but to try out the techniques on a project of my own. I will design a little picture, collect some organza, lace and trimmings and have a go at a piece of appliqué art, and see what happens. Abigail’s book has definitely given me a new dimension to sewing with appliqué that I would probably not have tried if I hadn’t seen the gorgeous results in this book. (See my first attempt here).

Have any of you seen Abigail’s work before? Are any of you ‘applique lovers’ like me? Which books do you recommend? Feel free to comment.

Sharon x

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  1. Lindysays: Reply

    This book looks very interesting. I also love adding a touch of pretty embroidery on my appliqué when I feel so inclined! I have also had a go at thread sketching with pretty good results as it doesn’t have to be perfect.
    I would be interested to see what you come up with. Would you use some kind of webbing/interfacing on the back ?

    Thanks for the review!

    • Nice to hear from you Lindy.

      In Abigail’s book she sews organza straight onto a cotton background, or just uses layers of organza, so I won’t be using webbing or interfacing. I will try the method as she describes. I haven’t tried thread sketching either, so I will have to have a look into that.
      I am looking forward at having a go at this, but need some sheer fabrics first, although I have found some nice trimmings already.

      Thanks Sharon

  2. Karensays: Reply

    Ordered today. …. CANNOT WAIT TO GET IT! Looks fab?

    • Oh yes that’s the one I told you about. It’s really lovely. Hope you enjoy. x

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