Cottage Industry Permission

Are You a Frustrated Crafter?

Have you ever found it frustrating to get your hands on a pattern that you’d really like to make, to sell your finished wares at craft fairs, online or elsewhere, only to realise that you can’t because the designer doesn’t allow it? This seems to happen quite a lot. I find a lot of designers add restrictions so customers cannot ‘make and sell’. In some cases you don’t discover such restrictions until after you’ve bought the pattern. I’ve therefore added, (for all you fellow like-minded entrepreneurs out there), permission which is visible on the cover of all Raggy Robin patterns.  It states that customers who have bought a pattern can use it to make items for resale.

I would love to wander round a country show or craft fair and see my designs beautifully made up and out there for people to buy. I don’t mind others doing this, as I cannot physically make enough products to sell to everyone myself, so go on make them for me!


English Cottage Garden



There are a few exceptions, not many, but this is how it works:

 Cottage Industry Permission

This allows the pattern purchaser to sell items made from this pattern as long as:

  1. The pattern and templates are not duplicated in any way either digitally or otherwise.
  2. Only the person purchasing the pattern can make the items.
  3. The items are made by hand and not mass produced.
  4. Credit is given to ‘Sharon Robins of the Raggy Robin’ as the designer.

As you can see the emphasis here is that the pattern and templates are not reproduced in any way. They cannot even be copied in an email to someone else, but if you choose your fabric and make your own projects, then following the points above and mention who designed it, you can sell as many as you can ‘personally’ make.

So if you are you looking for fresh ideas or new designs, follow the blog then you will know when any new patterns are released so you can grab one and get making it before others do?

I hope you take up this opportunity from me.




Please note: Sharon also owns all ‘Intellectual Property’ rights too.


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