Free Motion Quilting with Ruth

Sunday saw the first workshop held in the ‘Sewing Room’ taught by Ruth Bennett. I joined in myself to learn more about this not so easy method of ‘free motion quilting’. There were five of us taking part all at differing skill levels, which didn’t matter at all as Ruth catered for each of us.


Ruth at Work

Ruth at Work

After a ropy start trying to get my machine tension just right, it was then a matter of running the machine at the right speed and drawing on the fabric at the same time with the thread to create the desired pattern or effect. Not easy to master, but with these things guidance is important. By the end of the day we all had improved greatly. Thanks Ruth


Ruths class 4 Ruths class 3 Ruths class 1

Samples of free motion quilting from the class

(Click on a photo to see an enlargement).

Ruth’s FMQ Class


The ‘free motion quilting’ class with Ruth will run again in the New Year, see here¬†for a list of Ruth’s current classes.


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