This year the class are making a ‘Square in a Square’ quilt.

Quilt Course 2017 024

Quilt Course 2017 032

Quilt Course 2017 036

Quilt Course 2017 038

Lets Sew Bunting 025

Lets Sew Bunting 019

Lets Sew Bunting 023

It’s amazing how they all look so different.

Christine made a gorgeous quilt using the ‘Goldilocks’ fabric.

Sandra and her quilt

Chris is going to keep her first quilt for herself.

Lovely Elaine.

November saw the final run of this year’s quilt course and here are the results:

Jane made a lovely monochrome quilt. It’s stunning.

Sally’s quilt is ‘Harry Potter’ themed. Brill!

Katy made the first horizontal and Christmas quilt, which is really bold and bright!


Julie did a beautiful job too with her garden quilt.

Well done everyone and thanks for joining in the fun.

(Apologies if I’ve missed any as they sometimes get mixed up in my photo files)

I’ve had a great year teaching all of you and I loved every minute of it.

We are making a ‘Quillow‘ in 2018 if you want to join us?