I Have the Key!

Finally, the room is nearly ready to start moving into. My very own sewing room, where I can hold classes from, in Vane Tempest Hall, Gilesgate, Durham. The building is great and I didn’t even know it was there. Right in the middle of Gilesgate, behind the main street, this lovely old building sits just in front of Pelaw Woods. The centre is home to a range of small businesses including a cafe, dance school, holistic therapist, tattoo artist and dog groomer, as well as others. A Victorian tea room will also be opening soon too, selling cream teas! That will be too tempting for me to have on the doorstep.


Durham Cathedral from Pelaw Woods

Durham Cathedral from Pelaw Woods


Inside the castle, (I mean hall), I will keep calling it that, the walls are really thick and the ceilings are high. My room resembles an old classroom, with a small kitchen area off to one side. Ideal for having our tea separately from our sewing. I have been picking up furniture along the way and I can’t wait to start moving in next week when a few final bits and bobs have been sorted. I love my new dresser, it’s blue!


My new shabby dresser


The ‘Raggy Robin Sewing Room’ is having an open day on the 2nd May 2015 (10 – 4pm), so I’d love everyone to pop in and have a look. Come and have a cup of tea and see what else is going on in the hall. You will find the Sewing Room in unit 14, inside the main building. There are 2 car parks to use, (both FREE!), behind the ‘Queens’ Head’ pub.


The hall is an old military base.

The hall is an old military base.


There are a range of businesses based at the hall.

There are a range of businesses based at the hall.


I’ve got some information here: Opening Poster. If you know anyone else that would be interested, please pass it along by email, or word of mouth, I’d be very grateful. Class and booking information will be following shortly, but workshops are aimed at complete beginners and upwards, so I hope there will be something for everyone. The classes will be held on a part-time basis at first, with the hope to opening the school full-time in the future. I will also be looking to book classes for children, so come and register your interest so I will know when they can begin.


Vane Tempest Hall Durham

Vane Tempest Hall Durham


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  1. Maureen Woodsays: Reply

    What a lovely looking building and your room looks great. I wish you well and I think you have worked very hard to get so much done. See you Tuesday.

    • Thanks Maureen. I still have so much to do I worry I’ll finish in time, but now the flyers are being printed I have to be ready for the 2nd May, one way or the other. See you Tuesday.

  2. Sandra Laybournsays: Reply

    Congratulations and best wishes for the upcoming launch. The place looks great Sharon!

    • Thanks Sandra. I just popped over to the hall to drop some things off and got locked in! I thought people would be around for a while as I didn’t have the key with me, but when I came out of the room they had all gone. Luckily someone came along before too long. Haha.

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