Raggy’s First Quilt

Everybody has to start somewhere, so I thought I’d show you how my first attempt at a patchwork quilt turned out.

Back in 2010, having never attended an actual quilting lesson, I didn’t even know what was used to ‘fill’ a quilt so I bought a single, washable duvet in a sale (at the bargain price of £3). I cut this in half, then sewed up each side to make two good sized lap quilts. This was my idea of what should have been ‘wadding’.

I’d had a pretty floral fabric lying around for a while, which I wanted to use. So I found a nice raspberry red cotton to back it with and I also used some plain cream cotton to coordinate with them. Using a little calculation, I made the patches fit the quilt.

Made by Sharon in 2010

Made by Sharon in 2010

The design was a simple 12 patch layout and without even knowing, I had used raw edged appliqué, (adding one fabric onto another, but without turning the edges under). They were sewn on using a zigzag stitch. Over time the edges become a little frayed to give more of a worn look, which I didn’t mind as I was keeping this one for myself. I think it helps to give it a ‘shabby’ style. In the center of six patches I also added small, iron-on, (washable), cotton pictures of vintage ladies which really sets it off.


Each Vintage Lady is Different

After 3 days, it didn’t turn out too bad for a first attempt? The quilt has been used every winter since and it’s still as good as new. Although this is a warm, snuggly lap quilt, it is easier to use wadding rather that a duvet. With some left over fabric I also made a small tote bag too, which was lined with the floral cotton.

Vintage Lady Quilt


Tote Bag Made With Left Over Fabric

I made a further couple of projects with some iron on pictures of vintage ladies at the beach. With one, I embellished it with a bunting and buttons and backed it with card, to make a textile picture. I added another to the front of a passport holder, which is cute and fun, but they would also look great on the front of another tote bag for the beach.


How did your first quilt turn out? Have you tried one yet? Lets hear all of your stories.

Sharon xx

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