Why Would Anyone Want to Sew?

I Can Buy Everything I Need – Can’t I?

When everyone is so short of time and clothes are so cheap and readily available to buy, why would anyone want to sew? And who does? Well there’s so much more to sewing than you might imagine.  It can actually be very rewarding and fulfilling if you can figure what suits you. Maybe you can even have a lifestyle change involving sewing, whether you use the craft as a new hobby to meet like-minded people, as a new challenge to master, to take up a new career or even work for yourself?

Sewing will never be a dying art!

It has probably been one of the earliest inventions (by cavemen?) who knows, maybe a historian can tell me? But it has to go way back in history in one form or another, cavemen had to keep their clothes together too didn’t they? So unless there is a magical invention we are still going to need it for a long time to come.

A Money Saving Hobby

Craft groups have always had a valuable social aspect, by getting together and meeting other crafters (who I’ve always found to be a very friendly bunch), it can open up a whole new side of life, but you won’t know unless you give it a go? You may find a craft that you really enjoy and become so good it that you start to exhibit in craft shows and exhibitions? There is money to win from being placed in competitions. Not all shows pay prizes and it’s just as lovely to see your work displayed.

A hobby can be as expensive as you choose to make it, but sewing can save you a lot of money once you have the basic equipment, (see here for what you need). Apart from doing you own repairs and alterations which is a must, if you are looking to save money. Everyone needs to know how to do simple repairs, even the men out there!

Save your scraps!

Save your scraps!

But then there are ‘scrappy projects’ and ‘memory quilts’. A great way to use up old fabric or clothes and make a special keepsake to treasure. Don’t just bin good fabric, it’s a crime! ‘My Patchwork Heart’ is a quilt made from two old table cloths and scraps.


'My Patchwork Heart' by Sharon

‘My Patchwork Heart’ by Sharon

Who Else Sews?

Well where to start?

I’m thinking of the movies and theatrical costume makers – they must have marvelous jobs on film sets mending the torn trouser of James Bond or Poldark? Seeing a costume you made being worn in some period drama must give a massive sense of satisfaction.

Fashion designers don’t just draw their creations for others to make. They have to know how fabric works and they have to do a lot of the dress making themselves to know how the clothes will go together, but they have the chance of seeing their creations sold through high street shops for everyone to wear.

Dance, Prom and Bridal wear makers – Seamstresses at their best and we pay for it don’t we? (Here is another way of saving money. Do you have children who dance? Then you really do need to know how to make the dresses, and save a fortune!.

Soft furnishings and designers – say no more the industry is massive, but for example think of Cath Kidston, Laura Ashley and Jan Constantine, their soft furnishings are brand names now.

The leather industry – Everything has to be sewn together including shoes, sofas, saddles you name it, if it’s made of leather it’s been put togther. Maybe modern machines do most of the hard work nowadays, but someone has to operate them? And there are still traditional craftsmen out there making hand crafted leather goods, (bags, belts and more).

Toy makers – Soft toys and teddies, another area of specialised crafting that involves sewing and they can become collectable heirlooms.

If industries can be built up providing such services, then it stands to reason if you know how to sew yourself you are going to save yourself an awful lot of money instead of having to buy ready made all the time. Not to mention the pleasure it provides knowing you made something instead of buying it. Maybe  you would actually like to work in one of these industries? Go and find out how what are you waiting for?

Selling What You Make

You only have to look at websites such as ‘Etsy‘, ‘Folksy‘, ‘Craftsy‘ and ‘Not on the Highstreet‘, to see that there are many crafters out there turning their hobby into lucrative ventures. Craft fairs are still going strong. The best way to start a craft business is to build it slowly while sticking to your day job. It can take quite a while to produce a substantial amount of stock to get you started.

Sewing Bag 017


It’s Never too Early or Late to Learn

If you know how to sew yourself you can then pass it on and help to get the kids sewing too. I used to enjoy ‘Home Economics’ at school and it’s such a shame that cooking and sewing have all but disappeared in the class room, but apart from a short taste of each nowadays in ‘Design and Technology’, these essential life skills are really now down to us to teach the next generation, unless they start making some common sense changes to the curriculum.



Kids love to sew too


Is there a sewing industry I have forgotten to mention or have you got any thoughts of your own? Then join in and comment below.

Sharon x


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