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Welcome to the World of Whimsy Art and Textiles!

The new website is now up and running thank goodness, I have missed having a working website for the past 6 months and if you haven't heard of 'Raggy Robin' before then 'hello and welcome'. I'm Sharon and this is where I come to share my work with you.

For fun and whimsy art, prints and gifts, as well as sewing and quilting patterns.
Raggy Robin Designs Art and Textiles

The first website was where I shared everything that was going on at the 'Sewing Room' (in Durham), where I had a bricks and mortar shop and classroom. That's no longer there unfortunately, but I'm happy to say that the new look website comes with an online shop and as usual - things change whether we like it or not and I often feel that it's best to just embrace the change and do what you have to do to keep moving forward.

The business has been slowly evolving and since closing the shop I've had the opportunity to get back into some art, so apart from still writing sewing and quilting patterns and teaching out and about, I've been painting too.

"I Paint, I Stitch, I Can't Help it!"

This piece is called 'Sweet Pea'

Loose and lovely watercolour in pinks and purples.
Sweet Pea a Watercolour by Sharon Robins

My paintings are usually done using watercolours, but I've also been painting (and stitching) onto fabric.

This is 'Lilac Cottage'

A print of some textile art. The fabric has been painted and stitched onto.
Lilac Cottage Textile Art

My 'workshop and class' options now include how to paint as well as sew.

My style I would say is fun and whimsy and I do enjoy 'pen and wash work' using watercolours and I've been having a lot of my work turned into art prints and cards, but I'm looking at having it added onto other products too, therefore the website should be continually evolving.

Happy Birthday Dad Watercolour
Raggy Robin Designs Greetings Cards

Cards are Coming Soon!

The online store currently holds a mix of my art, textile art, gifts and patterns but I hope there will be something for everyone. Please feel free to have a browse and more importantly don't miss out on what might be coming and sign up for the newsletter before you leave.

Thanks for reading.



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