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This is a fun project that anyone who sews would love to have. Make one for you and your friends, the templates are reusable. 

This sewing machine door stop will brighten any sewing space. If  you haven't got a dedicated sewing room it can be used as an oversized paper weight and pin cushion or just stand on a shelf for decoration. A child (over the age of 3), could maybe use one to play with while you use yours?


Sewing skills are required for this 'Intermediate' pattern, to make up this curved, 3D object. 


The finished size is 8-9 inches high and 9-10 inches wide. Depth 3-4 inches.


Available as either a digital pattern to be emailed to your email address (within 24 hours), or as a printed pattern to be posted.

Sewing Machine Doorstop Pattern


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